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OUR STORY – Cellgenic



Cellgenic has been in the forefront of regenerative medicine and cellular therapies since 2005. Our group of highly qualified specialists has treated thousands of patients internationally with high rates of success. It has been our mission to bring to the bedside the latest technologies in cellular therapies to offer our patients hope and also the highest standards of care.

Our focus is to advance the field of Regenerative medicine and Cellular therapies and make it available to patients while maintaining the strictest ethical conduct and securing safety and efficacy in our protocols.

Our patients receive the autologous cellular therapies in accredited and fully licensed facilities in the US and abroad. Treatments are performed by a group of board certified physicians assisted by highly trained nurses and technical staff to provide efficient and effective care.

We belong to the mayor group in Stemcell research and regenerative medicine.

Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG)  is a group of companies, each dedicated to facilitating stem cell research and medicine.

Global Stem Cells Group administers a constant flow of knowledge and innovation regarding the role of stem cells in modern medicine. The company’s aim is to accelerate the process of getting promising stem cell research and technology developed into treatments and therapies and made available to physicians and patients. We focus specifically on stem cell research as a source of potential treatments for a wide range of conditions and diseases—in fact, we strongly believe that stem cell and regenerative medicine protocols are the future of modern medicine. GSCG works closely with patients, educators, physicians, regulators, and policymakers to foster engagement and develop materials that promote stem cell technology.

Through Stem Cell Training, Inc., we provide intensive, hands-on stem cell training to qualified physicians and high-level medical professionals worldwide, which includes regenerative medicine fundamentals and the latest cellular medicine protocols. Through our stem cell training programs, physicians are able to provide life-changing medical solutions for patients in their office or clinical setting. Through Stem Cell Training Inc., we share the latest methods, know-how, and technological facilities with medical professionals. We offer courses, seminars, and workshops year-round on stem cell therapy and treatments.

We regularly host Stem Cell Symposium Conferences around the world, where a global lineup of esteemed stem cell physicians and researchers announce the latest breakthroughs, contribute practical knowledge of stem cell medicine discoveries and effective treatment methods, and share their skills and outcomes on stem cell treatments with conference attendees.


More than a  Decade of Stem Cell Therapy Experience

Safety along with the highest standards of medical ethics define the Cellgenics system.
We do not take stem cell treatments lightly. Our medical team adheres strictly to our inclusion and exclusion criteria. This leads to a higher efficacy rate because we are aware that not all conditions can be treated successfully with fresh autologous stem cells.

Our therapeutic protocols are designed and tailored for each patient, this means we have different systems in place for the isolation and delivery of the stem cells.

The Cellgenic sytem differs from other stem cell therapy facilities because:

  • Proprietary protocols have been developed by our faculty and implemented by hundreds of physicians around the world
  • There is a high rate of therapy success
  • An ethics committee has approved ongoing clinical trials