Kit PRP Cellgenic

Cellgenic PRP Kit delivers a high concentration of cytokines and growth factors for enhanced regeneration.

Manual handpiece ensures accurate control of the Buffy Coat level for optimal PRP extraction.

Ideal for various therapies, including dental, surgical, and sports treatments, promoting tissue healing.

Offers the highest standard in PRP extraction at a competitive price, supporting effective and affordable treatments.


“Applicable Fields of Therapy and Treatment with PRP”

  • Dental Medicine: Dental Extraction, Dental Implantation
  • Surgery : Plastic & Cosmetic surgery / Dermatology, Cardio Vascular surgery, Maxillo Facial surgery, Orthopedic surgery.
  • R & D : Autologous Cell culture ,Autologous Stem cell culture, Cell differential, Tissue regeneration, Cell separation.
  • Sports Therapy: Tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, Patellar tendonitis, Rotator cuff tendonopathy.

Cellgenic PRP is rich in cytokines and growth factors and is commonly used as part of a combination or as a booster treatment for the stem cells described above.

Platelets make up 1% of the total blood volume. PRP also contains a high level of growth factors and cytokines that facilitate the regeneration process and support immune functions. Although PRP does not contain stem cells, it promotes regeneration and is ideal at curing tears and reducing inflammation. PRP has excellent results in treating meniscal tears and rotator cuff tears.

Cellgenic PRP Kit allows up to 12.8 times more concentrated platelet count than whole blood. Manual hand piece allows precise controllability of the Buffy Coat level for the clearest visibility.
Cellgenic PRP provides the highest standard in extracting PRP at the most competitive price in the market.

Activation of concentrated platelets allows the release and multiplication of Growth Factors and Cytokines which promotes the accelerated process of healing and reconstruction.

Upon activation, platelets change their shape with the development of pseudopods to promote platelet aggregation and the release of granule content through the open canalicular system.

Activation of Platelets is highly recommended to maximize the effectiveness on PRP Therapy and Treatment.


Frequently asked questions

Gain insights on the uses, benefits, and guidelines for Cellgenic Lyophilized Exosomes Orthopedics

Cellgenic’s cellular products aim to provide various biological effects, including anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and immunomodulatory properties. These benefits are intended to assist in the recovery and improvement of various medical conditions.

Cellgenic’s products are designed for medical professionals only, including licensed physicians and healthcare institutions. These products must be administered by individuals who are trained and authorized to use cellular therapies.

Packages vary depending on the specific product but generally include the cellular product in a suitable formulation, along with necessary diluents or other components required for the application of the therapy.

These products work by promoting cell-to-cell communication, enhancing cellular functions, and providing necessary growth factors, cytokines, and other bioactive molecules to support tissue repair and regeneration.

Yes, interested buyers must have their account verified and activated by Cellgenic. This process includes confirming the credentials of the healthcare professionals and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations before purchases can be made.

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