Exosomas de flujo celular

Designed to support tissue repair and regeneration by delivering potent paracrine signals through exosome-mediated communication.

Sterile-filtered, with no cryoprotectants or dilutants, ensuring maximum bioavailability and safety for therapeutic applications.

Procured and processed according to AATB and FDA regulations, Cellgenic Exosomes meet rigorous quality compliance and donor screening protocols.

Shipped on dry ice and must be stored at -20°C or lower, making them a reliable «off-the-shelf» product for medical professionals.


Since few transplanted cells persist in vivo, the beneficial effects of cell therapy may lie in the secreted factors being the active component of this treatment.

A key part of paracrine secretion is Exosomes, which are membrane vesicles that are stored intracellularly in endosomal compartments and are secreted when these structures fuse with the cell plasma membrane.

  • Exosomes contain protein, DNA, and RNA, thus making them an attractive vector of paracrine signals delivered by stem cells.
    Exosomes may also be “loaded” with predetermined proteins and nucleic acid to achieve a desired effect (1).
  • Exosomes can be stored as an “off-the-shelf” product having the potential for circumventing many of the limitations of\viable cells for therapeutic applications in regenerative medicine.
  • In vitro, exosomes from pre-adipocytes stimulate cell proliferation in a wound healing model.
  • In vivo, adipose-graft derived exosomes have been shown to be a promising tool for skin repair and remodeling (2).


Dry Ice: Cellgenic Flow Exosomes is a human tissue allograft that is received in a box on dry ice.

Check Label: Before opening the box, check the label.

Expiry Date: You must use graft before the expiry date on transfer to a freezer.

Store: Move to a freezer and store at -20C° or lower.

Maximum Safety and Quality Control

Sterile-filtered without radiation, No cryoprotectant or dilutants ever used Endotoxin and USP <71> testing on all lots. Non Expanded/Non Cultured 100% pure liquid allogeneic secretion. Maximum bioavailability. Non-nucleated cell Minimal Manipulated

Quality Compliance & Donor Screening

Cellgenic Exosomes is procured and processed in the United States according to standards and regulations established by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA). All local donors. Donor ethics and non-reactive FDA approved serological screening includes

Donor Consent Prior to Collections

  • HCV (Hepatitis C Antibody)
  • HBsAG (Hepatitis B Surface Antigen)
  • HIV 1/11-Ab (HIV Nucleic Acid Test)
  • HBcAb (Hepatitis B core Antibody)
  • HCV NAt (HCV Nucleic Acid Test)

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Frequently asked questions

Gain insights on the uses, benefits, and guidelines for Cellgenic Lyophilized Exosomes Orthopedics

Cellgenic’s cellular products aim to provide various biological effects, including anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and immunomodulatory properties. These benefits are intended to assist in the recovery and improvement of various medical conditions.

Cellgenic’s products are designed for medical professionals only, including licensed physicians and healthcare institutions. These products must be administered by individuals who are trained and authorized to use cellular therapies.

Packages vary depending on the specific product but generally include the cellular product in a suitable formulation, along with necessary diluents or other components required for the application of the therapy.

These products work by promoting cell-to-cell communication, enhancing cellular functions, and providing necessary growth factors, cytokines, and other bioactive molecules to support tissue repair and regeneration.

Yes, interested buyers must have their account verified and activated by Cellgenic. This process includes confirming the credentials of the healthcare professionals and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations before purchases can be made.

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