• With the use of infrared ray, the sample can be concentrated efficiently in a vacuumed chamber in a short time.
  • The special glass has the endurance against chemicals. Induction motor makes almost no noise & vibration. Also, maintenance is not required because it is not necessary to replace brush.
  • The contamination and sample loss is minimized because the exhalation hole for vacuum is located on the top of the shaft.
  • Few micro-liters up to 50ml tube hold at once and plate rotor holds two 96 well micro-titer plate, simply interchangeable.
  • Built-in chemical free diaphragm vacuum pump is suitable for individual researchers with limited space.
  • Integrated Evaporation System.
  • (8 Mbar Diaphragm Vacuum Pump & -20’C Cold Trap & Chamber & Lid Heater).

Main specifications

Capacity (ml, ea) 1.5 ml micro—tubex 132 ea 1.5 ml tubex 12 ea, 50ml tubex 8ea, 96 well micro-titer platex2 ea.
Speed range (rpm) Max, up to 1,500 rpm
Dimensions (mm) 670(W) x685(D) x480(H) mm
Power (V/Hz) 110/220V, 50/60 Hz, 400W


Frequently asked questions

Gain insights on the uses, benefits, and guidelines for Cellgenic Lyophilized Exosomes Orthopedics

Cellgenic’s cellular products aim to provide various biological effects, including anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and immunomodulatory properties. These benefits are intended to assist in the recovery and improvement of various medical conditions.

Cellgenic’s products are designed for medical professionals only, including licensed physicians and healthcare institutions. These products must be administered by individuals who are trained and authorized to use cellular therapies.

Packages vary depending on the specific product but generally include the cellular product in a suitable formulation, along with necessary diluents or other components required for the application of the therapy.

These products work by promoting cell-to-cell communication, enhancing cellular functions, and providing necessary growth factors, cytokines, and other bioactive molecules to support tissue repair and regeneration.

Yes, interested buyers must have their account verified and activated by Cellgenic. This process includes confirming the credentials of the healthcare professionals and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations before purchases can be made.

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