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Videos and Case Studies

Because this is a new therapy in the last few years, and as a new therapy there is still a lot to know. We have compiled a gallery of resources with videos, articles and information of scientific.

Case Studies

You can download the following studies in PDF format.

Cardiac Cell-Derived Exosomes. Changing face of regenerative biology.

European Heart Journal (2017)

CD24 is a marker of exosomes secreted into urine and amniotic fluid.

From Kidney International

The Development of Stem Cell-derived Exosomes.

Journal of Circulating Biomarkers

Engineered Exosomes with Ischemic Myocardium.

American Heart Association

Exosomal miR-10a preserves ovarian follicles after chemotherapy.

Scientific Reports

Exosomal proteins as prognostic biomarkers in non-small cell lung cancer.

Federation of European Biochemical Societies

EngiExosome derived from epigallocatechin gallate treated breast cancer.

BioMed Central

Toward Exosome-Based Therapeutics.

Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Exosomes/miRNAs as mediating cell-based therapy of stroke.

Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI, USA

Exosomes promote functional recovery and neurovascular plasticity after stroke.

Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism

Exosomes derived from alcohol treated hepatocytes horizontally.

Scientific Reports

Exosomes alleviate atopic dermatitis.

ExoCoBio Exosome Institute (EEI)

Exosomes promote osteochondral regeneration.

Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 24

Exosomes for repair, regeneration and rejuvenation.

Expert Opin Biol Ther

Exosomes: mediators of bone diseases, protection, and therapeutics potential.

University of Louisville School of Medicine, USA

Stem cell secreted vesicles provide novel opportunities in stem cell-free therapy.

FrontiersinPhysiology | CraniofacialBiology

Paracrine mechanisms in adult stem cell signaling and therapy.

National Institute of Health

Exosomes: A Potential Alternative Therapeutic Agent in Orthopaedics.

Hindawi Publishing Corporation

NANOmetric BIO-Banked MSC-Derived Exosome (NANOBIOME).

Journal of Clinical Medicine

Tiny Exosomes extracted from donor cells for Drug-free Transplants.

University of Pittsburgh

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