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SS 31

SS-31, (elamipretide) is a small aromatic peptide renowned for its ability to readily traverse cell and organelle membranes. It is believed to disrupt reactive oxygen species (ROS) production and enhance cellular energy production by stabilizing the enzyme cardiolipin within mitochondria. Cardiolipin, a vital component of the inner mitochondrial membrane, plays a pivotal role in the electron transport chain, the primary mechanism for cellular energy production.


While SS-31 initially garnered interest for its potential in regulating mitochondrial function amidst mitochondrial diseases, there's compelling evidence suggesting its ability to modulate mitochondria-induced inflammation. There's considerable ongoing interest in utilizing SS-31 to enhance mitochondrial function and consequently improve overall energy production through ATP synthesis.

  • Enhance cellular energy production
  • Membrane permeability
SS-31 holds promise as a crucial tool in unraveling mitochondrial dysfunction across a spectrum of diseases, potentially paving the way for advanced treatments targeting conditions like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and more.

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