Dry Bath Incubator


Dry Bath Incubator

  • A wide range of temperature control up to 120°C and the temperature control accuracy is ±0.5°C, lid for protection and heat preservation
  • Overheating protection to insure safety, conforms to international safety standards and regulations marked with CE, cTUVus and FCC
  • LED display the temperature and timer, Time range is 0-99h59min, 40×1.5mL Heating Block is included. It’s for conical tubes. The hole diameter is Φ11mm and the hole depth is 34.7mm, Various applications with different blocks are available.
  • The Incubator Heater is widely used in sample preparation, enzyme preservation, enzyme-substrate reactions, DNA amplification, electrophoresis gel degeneration and serum coagulation. It can also be used for making Plasma Bio Gels.


Temperature setting range: 15°C-120°C .

Temperature range: Room temperature+5°C~120°C .

Temperature control accuracy(at 37°C): ±0.5°C .

Temperature uniformity: ±0.5°C .

Overheating protection: 140°C .

Max. Heating Rate: 5.5°C /min .

Time setting range: 0min-99h59min .

Display: LED .

Heating block material: Aluminum .

Voltage, Frequency: DC 12V,100-120V, 50/60Hz .

Power[w]: 160 .

Machine Size (L*W*H): 290x175x85mm/11.41″x6.88″x3.34″ .

Machine Weight: 1.95 kg/4.29 lb .

Operating temperature: +10°C-40°C

Packing list:

1 x Mini Dry Bath Incubator with Heating Lid .

1 x Heating block(40 x 1.5ml) .

1 x Tool for heating block .

1 x Power Adaptor .

1 x Instruction Manual


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