Nearly a Decade of Stem Cell Therapy Experience

Safety along with the highest standards of medical ethics define the Cellgenics system.
We do not take stem cell treatments lightly. Our medical team adheres strictly to our inclusion and exclusion criteria. This leads to a higher efficacy rate because we are aware that not all conditions can be treated successfully with fresh autologous stem cells.

Our therapeutic protocols are designed and tailored for each patient, this means we have different systems in place for the isolation and delivery of the stem cells.

The Cellgenic sytem differs from other stem cell therapy facilities because:

  • Proprietary protocols have been developed by our faculty and implemented by hundreds of physicians around the world
  • There is a high rate of therapy success
  • An ethics committee has approved ongoing clinical trials

Stem Cell Treatment Facility in Cancún, Mexico

Once you have discuss treatment plans and options with our patient coordinator and treating physician in Miami, we will schedule you for treatment. The therapy is performed in a fully-licensed, joint commission, certified hospital located just 20 minutes from Cancun International Airport. A team of board-certified and highly trained specialists will lead the treatment session and provide follow up.

When you arrive in Cancún, our patient coordinator will meet you at the airport and transport you to your hotel. Your stay is automatically set for two nights. One day is spent doing the procedure, and the following day is a mandatory follow-up appointment with our doctor. Both days are included in the cost of your trip and a list of frequently asked questions will be provided.

Contact Cellgenic Today

Let our team of regenerative medical specialists evaluate your medical history and discuss with you whether or not you are a good candidate for stem cell therapy. Our staff is highly knowledgeable, trained, and has years of experience in stem cell therapy. Free evaluations are available, so please contact our United States Headquarters at (305) 560 5337.


Contact us today to find out more about how our stem cell therapy can help with your individual health needs.


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