25L Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer


25L Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

ZZKD portable ultra low temperature freezer uses military grade Stirling Cooling Technology. It’s a small portable ULT cold storage. This kind of product focused on laboratory ultra-low temperature storage and transportation, Industrial extreme environment simulation test, Pharmaceutical cold chain transportation, Storage and transportation of biological samples, Cold chain science of life, Clinical medicine, Outdoor camping and Household ULT storage.
About this item
1.Wide temperature range(+15°C to -86°C)/Adjustable ±1°C

2.Constant temperature inside(fluctuations within ±1°C)

3.Precise temperature control(TEMP fluctuations within ±1°C)


5.Easy use and operation

6.Small size and light weight(17.5KG)

7.Access to a variety of power supplies (vehicle power and solar power)

8.Utilizes 100% natural refrigerants to support sustainable environmentally friendly operations

Free Piston Stirling Cooler
Stirling refrigerator does work by the thermal expansion and contraction of gases as they change between hot and cold environments. Compared with traditional refrigeration technology, the advantages of free piston Stirling technology are High efficiencylow noiselow vibrationOil-free operationlong life and 100% natural refrigerants to support sustainable environmentally-friendly operations. And also Stirling Refrigerator can ignore operating angle, 360° operating is OK. It can precise control refrigerating capacity out freely.
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