Cellgenic MSC 50 millions

Minimum order of 5 vials

This product is intended for use by medical professionals only. If you are an active licensed physician and wish to place an order please contact our team to create an account before placing an order.

Cellgenic Umbilical Cord derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are sourced by a CGMP laboratory meeting the highest standards in the industry.

Discering assays, regulated independent testing and compliant cryogenic delivery allows you to focus on patient treatment and positive outcomes.

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Cellgenic MSC contains pure mesenchymal cells that exert an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect that helps optimize tissue regeneration.

Cellgenic MSC contains 50 millions live nucleated cells that exert an anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect that helps optimize the cellular environment.

Paracrine signals contain a growth factor that secretes live nucleated cells that stimulate their own tissue to undergo mitosis and regenerate.


Living nucleated cells have the ability to secrete growth factors for long periods of time, unlike amniotic or placental derived products that have few, if any, live nucleated cells and will only function for the factor’s half-life growth (hours to a few days).

Advantages of Using Cellgenic human umbilical cord MSCs

  • Patient Safety.
  • Consistant Concentrations.
  • Ease of use.
  • Designed for Healing.
  • CGMP manufactured under United States FDA guidelines.
  • Independently tested.

Stem Cells have natural intelligence in targeting patient specific disease states.

Cellgenic Mesenchymal Stem Cell product excretes growth factors, cytokines and proteins, which play key roles in cellular regeneration and healing through their ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and IMMUNOMODULATORY properties. It also helps increase blood flow to vital organs which helps with healing and repair. The properties allow for a myriad of benefits for the patient.

Cellgenic Stem Cells are undifferentiaded cells that can differentiate into specialized cells which are believed to play a role in helping the body repair and rejuvenate itself.

There is no HLA matching needed as it does not express MHC class ii molecules, which means patients can enjoy the treatment with minimal to no side effects.

Cellgenic MSC are not limited to just treating the symptoms, but may also slow down the aging process for your patients.

Cellgenic MSC is unique from other Regenerative products found around the world because of the many years of R&D, rigorous testing and a unique, patented isolation and culturing methodology, which proliferates growth and actives the live nucleated cells creating potency.

Scientifically Selected

Our Cellgenic MSC cell line has been scientifically selected for its Phenotypic and Genotypic profile. The Master Cell Bank has been Karyotyped through 75 population doublings you ensure that there are no chromosome abberrations. The stem cell line has been well characterized to determine optimal growth factor potency output, stability and viability.
Passage four (P4) was identified as the highest output of growth factores (VEGF) and stem cell factors (SCF). This product has properties of angiogenesis, immunomodulation, antimicrobial, anti-apoptotic and may lead.

These powerful properties make Cellgenic product your preferred choice as a regenerative medicine product fot your patient’s better well being.

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